We'll Get You Plugged In

We'll Get You Plugged In

Install an EV charging station in Fallbrook, CA

Electric vehicles are quickly becoming a mainstay in society. If you plan to buy one or already have one, an EV charging station may be just what you need.

Sunbrook Solar Power & Electrical Systems can install a charging station for electric vehicles. We can connect to your current electrical grid at home and provide a port where you can get your car charged in full. Our mid-range chargers are considered the best option for fast and efficient charging.

Talk to our team now to set up an EV charging station consultation in Fallbrook, CA.

Learn about our process

When we install a charging station for electric vehicles, we'll work with you to do the job right. Our crew will:

Visit your home and discuss the perfect location for the charging station

Look over the electrical setup to ensure enough power is available

Wire the charging station and test it to ensure functionality

Charge your car conveniently from home. Connect with us now to learn more about our charging stations.