Have a Backup Plan in Place

Have a Backup Plan in Place

We install solar battery systems in Fallbrook, CA

Solar power is great...until the clouds roll in. You need a way to store the sun's energy for later use. That's where an off-grid battery system comes in handy.

Sunbrook Solar Power & Electrical Systems installs solar battery systems throughout the Fallbrook, CA region. We can attach a battery system to your current solar panel setup, or we can swap out your old battery for a new one.

Ensure you always have power available with an off-grid battery system. Email us today to discuss your needs with a local pro.

Trust a team with 15+ years of solar industry experience

Our experienced staff serves clients throughout the area with top-quality solar panel systems. We work hard to ensure that you're getting the power you need, and our solar battery systems ensure you're always ready with power.

Reach out today to discover how easy it is to power your life with solar energy.